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Eff Yoo - Spicaso Deluxe (CD)

Image of Eff Yoo - Spicaso Deluxe (CD)

Broken Home's own Eff Yoo presents Spicaso Deluxe, the CD which includes the already classic Spicaso, never before released and his follow up album SpicasoDos. Fully produced by The Kurse and featuring Spit Gemz, Aye Wun, G.S. Advance, Recognize Ali and Fast Life. Eff Yoo has solidified himself into the underground hip hop scene as one of today's greatest ecmees. His wordplay and imagery are unmatched, along with production from The Kurse this duo is guaranteed to make you a fan. The CD includes a sticker pack, and optional autograph. If you want an autograph, just make a note during checkout.